about mandy

Hi, I’m mandy!

With a background in interior design and self-taught skills in illustration and Photoshop, I ventured into the world of luxury invitation design, creating unique and personalized designs presented in hand-delivered boxes. Although I discovered my love for design through this venture, I realized my aversion to tight deadlines and high stress.

However, my experience taught me the power of Pinterest, as even years after closing my business, I continued to receive requests for my invitation designs.

Currently, as the owner of Mandy Moose Designs, I passionately create clipart for teachers and offer a membership program for individuals interested in learning how to craft their own educational printables for sale.

Additionally, I have expanded my skill set through a six-month intensive Pinterest course and courses in product photography and videography, making me a comprehensive resource for clients seeking a streamlined service encompassing content creation, account management, and increased traffic and sales.

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